Mobile Signal Booster Kit /Celular Antenna Adapter Kit

Mobile Signal Booster Kit/Cellphone booster kit

Mobile Signal Booster Car Kit /Cellphone Booster Kit MSB8Air-CH-4G-2600MHz-28dBm


The MSB8Air-4G System-CH Mobile Signal Booster Kit is 4G (2600MHz) Air Vent Fixation Mount Holder with a built-in antenna and 3-in-1 Charging Plug (Lighting,Type-C,Micro USB), which rebroadcasts the boosted signal around the vehicle, supporting many wireless users at once.  Using the holder not only extends the cellular range and provides better coverage, it allows drivers using their cell phones safely.  The holder kit has adjustable arms and feet for holding smartphone tightly and the push button release function enables you to quickly remove the phone.  The holder kit can be installed on Air Vent Fixation Mount in car, truck, bus...etc., 

The High Gain Magnetic 4G Antenna can be easily installed on the car's roof and work with 4G 2600MHz.

Special Features

** The Mobile Signal Booster Kit helps users keep well connection while they are calling or surfing the internet. 

** The Booster is compatible with all smartphones.  It works with 4G (2600Mhz) and the signal can be increased to 28 dBm. 

** Users can install the booster with the suction car mount in seconds. 

Key Specification:

Input Power: DC5V-1A

Power Current: <100mA

Signal Frequency : 4G 2600MHz

Central Frequency: 4G system

Signal Booster Gain: 28 dBm

3-in-1 Smartphone Charging Plug 

Charging Output : 5V-1A

Charging Current:500~1200mA

Charging Plug: Lighting / Type-C /Micro USB 

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