MIMO 4X4,2X2 Panel External Antenna Kit for 3in1,4in1,5in1,6in1,7in1,8in1,9in1 5G,LTE,Cellular,WiFi 6E,WLAN LoRaWAN,BT,Active GNSS,GPS L1+L2+L5+L6 Receiver ,DSRC,C-V2X,ISM..M2M Combination Antennas

MIMO 2in1,3in1,4in1,5in1,6in1,7in1 for 5G LTE 4G 3G Mobile,WiFi WLAN WiFi 6E, BT,GPS GNSS L1+L2+L5+L6 Receiver,DSRC,C-V2X.Combo Permanent Roof Screw Mount Antenna~~The antenna also can be customized

MIMO 5in1 CPG25F GNSS,LTE/5G/4G Wi-Fi Multi-band Permanent Mount (Screw) Combo Antenna


The MIMO Antenna! Can be 3, 4, 5 or 6 Cables!

Perfect Mimo LTE, 2G/3G/4G/5G, 650Mhz to 3500mhz, 2.4/5.8Ghz WIFI GPS & GLONASS ,4G ,5G ,antennanews ,Automotive ,automation ,GSM ,WIFI ,LoRaWAN ,bus ,train ,

LTE ,telematics ,tracking ,emergency ,Police ,boat ,Marine.....

The CPG25F(5-in-1) is a Multiple-input,Multiple-output MIMO external antenna

This antenna combines nine separate antenna into one enclosure for Screws permanent Mount ,It includes one GNSS (GPS/Glonass), two LTE (5G/4G/3G/2G) & two WiFi  (2.4/5.2G),The CPG25F is designed ruggedized PC/ABS Plastic Enclosure to meet IP67 waterproof with CFD195 or  Low less RG174 cable & SMA connector 

5-Cables: 1x GNSS,2xLTE & 2xWiFi

Cable 1: GPS/Glonass:1575.42/1602.00 MHz, 3~5dBic 

Cable 2: LTE 5G/4G/3G 690-960/1710-2170/2500~2700/3300~3600MHz  2~5 dBi

Cable 3: Wi-Fi 2.4-2.5 /5.0-5.2 GHz, 2~5 dBi

Cable 4: Bluetooth 2.4-2.5GHz 2~3 dBi

Cable 5: DSRC 5.8~6.0 GHz 2dBi

Cable GPS/Glonass:0.3M(1ft),1.83M(6ft),3M(10ft),4.5M(15ft),6.1M(20ft) RG174 & SMA/M connector 

Cable LTE :0.3M(1ft),1.83M(6ft),3M(10ft),4.5M(15ft),6.1M(20ft) CFD195 or RG174 & SMA/M connector or other

Cable WiFi :0.3M(1ft),1.83M(6ft),3M(10ft),4.5M(15ft),6.1M(20ft) CFD195 or RG174 & RP SMA/M connector or other

Cable Bluetooth:0.3M(1ft),1.83M(6ft),3M(10ft),4.5M(15ft),6.1M(20ft) CFD195 or RG174 & SMA/M connector or other

Cable DSRC :0.3M(1ft),1.83M(6ft),3M(10ft),4.5M(15ft),6.1M(20ft) CFD195 or RG174 & SMA/M connector or other

Case Size: L       mm x W       mm x H       mm (    "x    "x   ")

Weight: 0.3M(1')     g / 1.83M(6')      g/4.5M(15')    g/6.1M     g

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