MIMO 4X4,2X2 Panel External Antenna Kit for 3in1,4in1,5in1,6in1,7in1,8in1,9in1 5G,LTE,Cellular,WiFi 6E,WLAN LoRaWAN,BT,Active GNSS,GPS L1+L2+L5+L6 Receiver ,DSRC,C-V2X,ISM..M2M Combination Antennas

MIMO 5in1,4in1,3in1,2in1 GPS L1+L2+L5+L6 Active RECEIVER with SIRF-4 Module,MediaTek Module,SIMCom Module for 5G LTE 4G,WiFi 6E,WLAN Wi-Fi 6E,BT Bluetooth,DSRC,C-V2X,ISM..Combo Antennas

MIMO 3in1 (CPG23M) Active GPS RECEIVER w/SiRF4 Module +5G/LTE/4G+WiFI Combo Antenna


MIMO 3in1 GPS Receiver w/SiRF IV+5G/LTE+WiFi/WiMAX Combo Antenna Permanent Screws Mount (M16x1.5P)

3-Cables : 1xGPS SiRF IV Module+1x5G/LTE+1x WiFi/WiMAX

Cable 1: GPS Receiver AWM 2464 300V 28AWG 6.1M(20') 6PIN(Molex)

Receiver Type:48-channel L1 frequency, A/C code

Sensitivity: -147dBm(acquisition / -163dBm(Tracking) 

Cable 2: 5G/LTE/4G/3G CFD195Low Loss 6.1M(20’) SMA/M S/T 

600-960/1710-2170/2500-2700/3200~3800MHz 2-5dBi

Cable 3: WiFi/WiMAX CFD195 Low Loss 6.1M(20’)RPSMA/M S/T 

2.4-2.5/4.9-5.2/5.7-6.0GHz 2-5dBi 

CPG23M(3in1)-GPS(SiRF 4)- 5G/LTE- WiFi-CFD195-6.1M-SMA/M x2


Below is a table summarizing the GPS Receiver Module w/SiRF IV,5G/LTE/4G/3G,WiFi/WiMAX (3in1) antenna design specification 

2. GPS Receiver Module w/ SiRF starIV  Overview : CPG23M GPS Receiver Module is an easy to use, ultra-high performance, low power GPS smart antenna module with patch antenna for vehicle/handheld applications.

Based on our experienced design and SiRF starIV chip, this module provides not only excellent tracking performance but also high quality and delivery assurance.


  • ***High altitude balloon (by demand)

  • ***Automatic vehicle location

  • ***Personal navigation devices

  • ***Driving recorder

  • ***GPS clock and digital camera

  • ***High air balloon 

Features :

  • ***Based on SiRF’s GSD4e low power single chip

  • ***High performance: -163dBm tracking sensitivity

  • ***Low power: 30mA at continuous tracking

  • ***SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) support

  • ***GPS, QZSS support

  • ***Multi-mode AGPS support (optional)

  • ***Local ephemeris prediction

  • ***Active Jammer Remover

  • ***Flies up to 80km for high air version.

  • ***Easy to use: built-in patch antenna & 6-pin wire to board connector w/ pitch of 1.0mm

  • ***Backup battery support for faster position fix

  • ***Optional V_BAT pin support to replace backup battery for wider temperature range demand

  • ***LED for working indication

  • ***Fully EMI shielded

  • ***Industrial operating temperature range: -40 ~ 85°C 

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